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With the design phase complete, the construction phase can begin. Each project will have unique conditions which will be handled in a professional manner by those qualified in the trade. From simple to the complex, your job will be managed with care.

Things to consider...
Budget Constraints
Scheduling Work Phases
Handling the Mess
Possible Changes to Design
Encountering the Unexpected


  Custom Landscaping may encompass many design elements such as those shown below. Each has its own place and purpose. Each is unique to the landscape as a whole. Each melds together to create the garden of your dreams...  
Sprinkers enhance the value of your home as well as provide for the efficient use of water.
Retaining Walls
Terracing of landscape areas provides for more usable space and ease of maintenance.
Concrete and wood decks provide enter-taining areas in which to enjoy your new garden.
Water Features
Nothing will bring you closer to nature than to hear the bubbling of a small stream.
The diversity of plants in the landscape allows one to paint nature into perfect order.
Displaying specimen plantings at night creates the perfect ambience and asthetic appeal.

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