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When Quality Counts

Managed Care

The proper management of your new garden is crucial to the well-being of all living things dwelling within. From lawn care to fertilization programs to insect control, everything is managed to provide a vital and valuable garden for years to come.

Things to consider...
Soil Conditions
Weather Conditions
Disease Control
Aeration Needs
Water Rationing


The regular care
of lawns from pre-mium services to basic care is available.

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Plans range from basic lawn fertilization to complete shrub
and tree care.

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Soil denisity and heavy thatch should be considered to ensure a healthy lawn.
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Leaf Removal
The disposal of leaves and windstorm debris is part of good managed care.
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Quality shrub and tree maintenace are necessary for an orderly look and feel.
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Regular replacement of mulch around plantings controls weeds and minimizes watering.
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